Roof Restoration Service

Roof Restoration is the process by which you refurbish your roof; this is different from replacing your roof. The restoration process involves touching up your roof and making it return to its new state. While trying to restore your roof to a reestablished state, you have to hire our roof restoration service for your roof to be handled properly. You don’t want to be handling all the screw replacements and all that, do you?

When it comes to roof restoration, Roofing Townsville performs repairs, cleaning and painting. These processes are done to make your roof appear and feel good as new. Repairing is the first step to take when trying to restore it because you can’t clean or paint a damaged roof before you start to repair it—it wouldn’t work out well that way

For tile roofs, roof restoration will help stop water or any other form of moisture from getting to your tiles. Also, it is advised that you re-coat your tiled roof. Also, when you repoint the ridge caps, they become safe when harsh weathers and thunderstorms come. It is only when the ridge caps are loose that you can have violent roof damages that can hurt you and those you live with. 

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  • Replace every material that has broken. Replace rusty sheets, rusty or loose nails, and rusty or loose screws.
  • Clean the roof thoroughly and ensure to remove every mould, dirt or another alien element from the roof. 
  • Remove the ridge caps, and if your bedding is loose, you have to re-bed the caps to prevent any further damage.           
  • Continue by re-pointing the ridge caps with a polymer-based flexible pointing mortar. 
  • For a tiled roof, put a sealer on the entire roof so that it grips and coats it appropriately. It also acts as an adhesive for the roof. For metal roofs, out a metal etch primer coat. Meanwhile, for a terracotta tile roof, apply a double coating of terracotta glaze to the roof. 
  • Now, you can add some more acrylic membrane coats; use any colour you’d like. It would add some aesthetic to your home when you choose a complimentary colour. These membrane coats are thick and serve as protection for your roof.  
  • Your roof will be inspected by a quality control manager for confirmation that it is ready for use. Count on Roof Restoration Townsville for this inspection, and you’ll be thankful that professionals provided roof restoration services to you. 


    There is something called the membrane coating which helps protect you from Ultraviolet rays from the sun and helps to prevent pointing from contracting.

    Moreover, roof restoration service helps to purify your water run-off. When rainwater gets to your restored roof, the water gets clean, and you can always use it for gardening or washing, but it is pure. Trust Roofing Townsville for a perfect roof restoration service that will make your house attractive every other day.

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